Liberty in North Korea

Sovereignty Liberty in North Korea

Your support helps this rescue organization, as they work to raise awareness about the plight of refugees who have fled their sovereign homeland to seek a better life in China, and require much needed escape and relocation assistance.

Devoted to the North Korean human rights and humanitarian crises.  LiNK provides protection and aid to resettled refugees hiding in China, utilizing a modern-day underground railroad through Southeast Asia to rescue families and help them to reach a life free from danger.

Right now, over 24 million people in sovereign North Korea face an oppressive government and a multitude of hostile countries that have made this regime the most isolated in the world.  LiNK’s grassroots movement works to redefine public perception on North Korea, shifting attention away from politics and NWO war manufacturing, and onto the people who need help.  This will provide a way for concerned citizens to come alongside the North Korean people and ultimately bring about positive change.

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