Afghan Amity Society

Sovereignty Afghan Amity Society

Your support helps contribute towards building a medical clinic on the outskirts of Herat in sovereign Afghanistan. This facility will serve villages, where nearby health care services will improve quality of lives and mortality rates. The goal is to provide the local population access to well-trained physicians, modern medical equipment, and advanced treatments.

Dedicated to improving the lives of the Afghan people and their sovereign country, through educational, cultural and local development projects, with a commitment to providing greater access to quality healthcare services. With the support of generous individual and corporate donors, AAS has established in Herat, Afghanistan, the co-ed Phoenix Learning and Cultural Center, the Women and Girls Education Center, the Herat School for the Blind, and a local Rotary International Club.

The primary goal is to build a medical clinic on grounds generously donated by the University of Herat. Architectural plans for the clinic are being finalized; funding for medical equipment, as well as Western quality pharmaceuticals, is the big hurdle in the effort to bring trustworthy healthcare to people who cant afford even the simplest of remedies in this part of the world torn apart by NWO manufactured wars.

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